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Tales of Torrund Story
Throughout history the world of Torrund has been ruled by Kings and Queens of the different lands. Some of them governed their lands with a kind heart and the people in mind. Others were tyrants, and ruled with an iron fist and nothing but power in their hearts. The people of Torrund feared these rulers and lived in danger everyday. Crime was abundant in these areas and traveling amongst cities was extremely dangerous. In order to fight these tyrants and bring peace throughout Torrund, a group known as the White Council was formed. It was formed 40 years ago by a man named Aldur, when the world was at its worst in terms of crime and evil.

Aldur was an incredibly kind hearted man and valued the life of others as much as his own. He despised those that had evil in their hearts and minds, and vowed to protect the world of Torrund from their tendrils. Thus, the White Council was formed, Aldur gathered together friends and kings that shared the same intentions as him. The world of Torrund and its people were overjoyed when the council came to be. They did not have to live in fear anymore. No fear of being ruled by tyrants, no fear of traveling from town to town. For the next 35 years, Aldur governed the White Council and the world of Torrund with a kind heart and stern hand for evil.

During this time, Aldur studied the writings of the Oracles who lived roughly 1330 years prior. These writings were forever referred to as the Prophecies of Torrund. The prophecies were glimpses into the future, usually of events that were to come. The Oracles who wrote the prophecies did so in a very cryptic way and talked in riddles it seems. The meanings in the prophecies were not straightforward at all, but instead needed to be interpreted by scholars. Some have been interpreted correctly and the events have come to pass. For others, it is still unknown whether the events of the prophecies have passed or are still yet to come. In Torrund, a prophecy that has been interpreted correctly and there is proof the event has passed, is written as a Legend and is no longer a prophecy. What you must understand about prophecy is that it does not explain what undoubtedly will happen. It explains what is known as a Fork in Time, and describes certain paths or forks that the prophecy can take depending on the decisions made during a point in time. This is why it is impossible to know and understand a prophecy fully before it comes to pass. All paths may not be written about in prophecy, the way of events may choose a fork all its own.

These are the reasons Aldur was so interested in the prophecies. He wanted to keep his people safe from every possible threat. Prophecy helped him thwart the plans of enemies to the Council many times. Although, at some times, it also gave him a false sense of danger and misguided him.

There was one prophecy in particular that Aldur was the most interested in. It was called the Prophecy of the Divine, and is referred to as The Prophecy, since it is the longest and seemingly most important prophecy the Oracles wrote. Aldur tried to understand the meaning of every word in this prophecy because he believed it was the most important, and would someday save the people of Torrund from the most dangerous threat they have ever seen. Throughout the 35 years he headed the Council, Aldur made it his primary focus to carry out this prophecy the best way he could. However, he never let his interest in The Prophecy take his focus away from maintaining peace in Torrund. This was his foremost priority.

Aldur successfully brought peace to a troubled world during his years. He protected his people and gave them pride and hope. Aldur died 5 years ago at the age of 55. It was not known how he died, but the council stated that he died in his sleep. Before he passed on, he parted his knowledge of the prophecy to the other members of the Council so they could continue his work to carry it out. The day he died, the world of Torrund was in mourning. The word of his death spread like wildfire and by the end of the day, every inhabitant of Torrund had heard the news.

Five years passed from the death of Aldur and in that time, the Council functioned normally and continued the work of Aldur to bring peace. Then, one day, it was decided the Council should once again have a governing figure. Dardanios was elected as the head of the Council and some wondered why he was, since he was not even an actual member of the Council prior to being elected. It was and still is said that his day, the rule of the Council began to decline and evil had begun to take slowly take over again. The world became less and less peaceful every year. It was not as bad as it had been before the council was formed, but after 35 years of peace, a lot of people were wondering what the intentions of the Council were. Dardanios assured the people that the Council would keep the peace in Torrund; however, the results contradicted his words. The feelings of the people toward Dardanios was mixed, some thought he was doing the best he could and that he was not getting the support he should from the rest of the council, while the others missed the days of Aldus and thought Dardanios wasn’t doing the job he should be.

Dardanios was also very interested in the prophecy. He was a scholar before he was elected to head the Council and engrossed himself in the study of prophecy. Even as the head of the Council, he expended all of his time and the Council’s resources on fulfilling his interpretation of The Prophecy. A lot of other members of the Council became irritated with him and felt they should be focusing more on peace in Torrund than on The Prophecy. This caused a rift among council members and there was a lot of questioning and factions among the Council.

This brings us to present day Torrund. The year is 1475, the Council is intact, yet their hold on the evil in Torrund has waned. The Prophecy of the Divine has been followed since it was written, but now the end of The Prophecy is near. How will the events unfold…

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