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Tales of Torrund Characters
Ewan was born and raised in Oceanbrook. He is 18 years old and has a twin sister, Elysia. He is a very charming young man and for that reason he is well liked in the village. He is usually found either with his best friend Tarin or in his room reading a book about the history and legends of Torrund. He seems to get strange feelings when something bad is about to happen.
The younger of the two, Elysia is also 18 and very pretty. She is also very close with her brother and acts like a big sister sometimes. She always wears the headband her mother gave her when she was small child. She is very outspoken and is not afraid to express her opinion, especially around Ewan and Tarin.
Tarin is Ewan's best friend. He has a fearless attitude and is quite full of himself. However, he is very honorable and trustworthy, which is why Ewan respects him so much. He is always found working on his battle techniques, although he has never had a chance or reason to use any of them. His dream is to lead the army of the White Council. Tarin has also had eyes for Elysia since they have known each other.

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