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New Tales of Torrund Demo - 2023-04-03
A new demo is now available which is you can get on the download page. The new demo has 90% of the features of the game implemented, aside from the graphics. In this new demo you can interact as you could before, but now you can have another PC join your party, shop for items, and also fight another NPC in the new battle system! If your interested in what Tales of Torrund has to offer, go to the download page and get it now! For game instructions on how to play, click the Game Manual link on the left.

As always, if you are having trouble installing the game or you get errors while playing, please post your troubles in the forum or send an email to support@arealitystudios.com. I hope everyone likes the new site design.

Tales of Torrund Game Engine Finished - 2023-03-27
The game engine for Tales of Torrund is now finished. A small playable demo should be available for download very soon. We are in the process of tweaking the engine and creating the game content.

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